We focus on providing full-process services for organizing international design competitions and publishing architecture projects. We aim to operate a simple, easy-to-use platform for architectural firms, studios, teams as well as individual designer to promote design works. We are motivated to discover young architects and designers with talented skills and abilities, encouraging to innovate and expose your ideas.

Terms & Conditions

​Benefits of being a competition sponsor:
Personalized feature page on archoutloud.com describing the firm/organization.
Link to sponsors to website(s).
Special feature across all media platforms.
Logo placed on the front page of the respective competition brief.
Logo placed on the respective competition page.
Logo placed on the award winner's certificates.
Lifetime partner of Competition.CC™ with logo permanently on the partners page.
Name listed with other official partners on the website's partners page.
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for an Competition.CC™ competition and want to receive more information please contact us.
Your firm or organisaton can sponsor a prize of an Competition.CC™ competition in order to become an official sponsor. To do so, the firm or organisation must donate the 100% of the amount of at least one of the prizes.

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